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Internet Crimes

With so many people on line, crimes involving computers are on the rise. If you are found guilty of a internet-related sex crime or an online fraud in Philadelphia, Bucks County or Montgomery County in Pennsylvania, the penalties can be quite harsh: long jail sentences, large fines, and a permanent criminal record. If you have been caught in a sting involving a law enforcement officer posing as an underage person, the authorities can be especially vigorous in your prosecution, even at the expense of your constitutional rights. You will need the services of an attorney who will be equally as vigorous in defending your rights. Parlow & Lang, LLC is a Pennsylvania law firm dedicated to representing the interests of clients facing a variety of internet-related crimes in Pennsylvania and federal courts.

You have Rights. We are here to protect those rights.

Protecting your constitutional rights is central to our internet crimes practice. An experienced internet crimes attorney will examine every aspect of your case – from the initial contact, to the arrest to any search and seizure conducted by law enforcement officers – to determine if your rights were violated or if you were coerced in any way. You can be confident that defenses are available, even if a search of your home or car found evidence. We can help you stand up to the prosecutors to win your case.

Over 50 Combined Years of Criminal Defense Experience

We defend state and federal internet crimes. We understand the different processes, procedures and possible penalties of a conviction at both levels. Our Pennsylvania attorneys have more than 50 years of experience in defending clients against accusations of:

  • Sex crimes (including allegations of possessing or transmitting “kiddie porn”)
  • Internet theft
  • Internet fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Computer hacking and other cybercrimes


The Correct Defense Strategy For You

Competent internet crime defense requires detailed knowledge of federal and state laws, which are sometimes emerging, untested or novel. We can help develop a defense strategy to match your situation and charges.

Contact Us

To arrange a free confidential consultation with an experienced Internet crimes defense lawyer and to receive specific legal advice on how our firm would defend you in your Internet crimes case, please call us for a free, no obligation criminal defense legal consultation. All calls are strictly confidential. Please call us at (215) 639-4400.

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